Duffy Lake Road

Cerise Creek - October 9, 2008

Jason, Sam and I headed up for an early season ski trip to Cerise Creek to ski the NE snow patch off Joffre. It was the start of October, I know, but there'd been a big storm front come through, and we were pretty sure the summer snow patch off Mt Joffre was going to have something skiable on it.

We parked the car on the Duffy Lake Road, and hiked up towards the summer route halfway up the steep eastern slopes of Mount Chief Pascall. The road bridge had just been taken out, but some local had dragged one of the old support logs from the bridge to create a slippery log walk across the steep river. They'd also put in a slack line to give something to hold onto. Even so, it was still a tricky walk. (on an aside, someone complained publicly about how slippery this log was, forcing the logging company to come back in and remove the log. Now there's no way across. Some people, eh!)

We post holed our way up to the cabin, Sam and Jason taking an "alternate" route on the far side of the avalanche boulder field, making it safely to the cabin. We were pretty amazed at the quality of the snow coverage after just a single dump. The next day we skinned up the NE ridge along side the Anniversary Glacier above the cabin. The skiing was truly amazing, and considering the time of year, much more than to be expected! A couple of days of awesome skiing on untracked powder, and we post holed our way back to the car for the drive back to Vancouver.

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