Fairy Meadows Ski Trip - Adamant Range, Selkirks - February 2009

Wapta ski Traverse

Ten of us from Vancouver drove out to Golden, BC, a little west of The Rockies, to catch a Helicopter into a "luxury" Alpine Club of Canada Cabin in Fairy Meadows, a high alpine meadow in the Selkirks surrounded by the Granite and Gothics Glacier. This area is a powder paradise, stretching north and south as far as your skis could take you.

Typical Selkirks/Rockies flat light and fog forced us to ski the deep powder in the trees for most of the trip. We managed to venture up into higher terrain, one day boot packing up to Friendship Col to the Gargoyles Glacier, between Mounts Pythius and Damon at the top of the Echo Glacier. Another day we roped up and ventured out onto the Granite Glacier, up towards Pioneer Col. Pioneer Col had a huge bergschrund and overhanging seracs making access to the pass a little more technical than we'd planned for the day, so we instead headed over the NE ridge of Mt.Colossal to a keyhole pass just south of Enterprise Peak.

Each night we headed back to the cabin, where a fire had been started in the wet sauna, and cooked up a voluminous gourmet multi course meal. There are some definite advantages to helicopter travel and cabins in the winter.

Photos and maps for the trip can be found here.