Mt.Baker Mountaineering Trip - Easton Glacier - August 2009

Mt.Baker Mountaineering Trip - Late August, 2009

Mark, Ryan and I drove down to Washington State on a Saturday morning, and hiked to high camp on the southern slopes of Mount Baker. We passed through Schriebers Meadow, crossing glacier fed streams, and into the high alpine meadows along Railroad Grade, a trail along a moraine wall named for it's consistent six degree gradient. Camped on a small ridge above Marmot filled and boulder strewn meadows, we could see the bare rock above us turn to the icy crevassed glacier leading up to Mount Baker's summit plateau.

After a quick reconnaissance of the next days route, and a scout for potable water, we turned in early as Venus rose in a clear star strewn sky.

3:30 AM, we crawled out of warm sleeping bags, rushed down breakfast, and started up the trail. An hour later we donned crampons and ice axes, roped up, and stepped out onto the Easton Glacier. For hours we slogged up an ever steepening glacier, navigating through crevasses and seracs until we gained the summit plateau. A short hike further and we climbed the pimple of rock that is the Mount Baker summit. A couple of pictures, a stare at the steaming pit of Mt. Baker's only active vent, and we turned around to head back down the glacier that never ends.

After a quick snooze back at camp, we ate the rest of our food, and hiked back to the car. Hard to believe how much you can pack into a couple of days, eh!

Photos and maps for the trip can be found here.