Spruce Lake Mountain Bike Tour - Southern Chilcotins - August 2008

Seven guys and their bikes flew in to Lorna Lake. From there we climbed Lorna Pass, then dropped down to Tyaughton Creek. After climbing Deer Pass, we dropped down to Trigger and Hummingbird lakes on Gun Creek, then rode to our camp at the north end of Spruce Lake. Our gear had been plane dropped by Dale from Tyax earlier in the day. The following day, after an extended breakfast, merging into a relaxing lunch, we did a quick circuit of Spruce Lake, taking the Upper Grasslands trail to Cowboy camp, then tracing our previous day's route back to camp. On the final day, we climbed to Windy Pass, then followed the High Trail, via its south branch, to the Lick Creek trail, then following double track back to Tyax Lodge on Tyaughton Lake. Halfway through the day we watched Dale fly past with our gear, which was waiting for us on the Tyax dock. Photos and maps for the trip can be found here.