Wapta Icefields Ski Traverse - The Rockies - March 2009

Wapta ski Traverse

Shannon, Trevor and I set off in mid March for a 5 day, 4 hut traverse of the Wapta Icefields in the Alberta and B.C.'s Waputik Range in the Central Rockies. We headed into the mountains at Peyto Lake near the top of the Icefields Parkway in the Rockies, climbing to Peyto Hut via the Peyto Glacier. From there we climbed over a rise to drop down to the popular Bow Hut. After passing between St.Nicholas Peak and Mount Olive we ploughed our way down the Vulture Glacier to Balfour Hut. Balfour Pass then provided some challenges before we skied down the Waputik Glacier to Duncan Scott Hut in near white out conditions. Finally, we headed down the Niles Glacier Past Mt.Niles into the Sherbrooke drainage to a car we'd dropped on Hwy 1 just west of Lake Louise.

Difficult conditions made for arduous travel, with deep snow, strong winds and poor visibility for most of the trip. Route finding was tricky when the light was good, and "interesting" when your ski pole disappeared into the blizzard and fog. None-the-less, each night saw us safely ensconced in warm dry cabins. We met plenty of interesting people on the trip, many with helpful pointers for the route ahead. Balfour Pass, Mt.Niles and the steep trees above Sherbrooke Creek put our skills to the test. The beers back at Lake Louise Alpine Hostel were well deserved.

Photos and maps for the trip can be found here.

Trevor's report on the trip can be found here: